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Useful Information

Special Requests
We are always pleased to hear of any requests and we guarantee to pass them on to the hotel. we must, however, point out that although we choose our hotels very carefully and know that they will do their best to meet requests, as we have no direct involvement in the management of any of the hotels we use, we cannot guarantee that the request will be met.

Carriage of Wheelchairs
If it is your intention to bring a wheelchair with you, you must advise us so that this information can be passed on to the hotel. We may ask you to fill in a mobility form, which will be sent out with the booking form or initial confirmation.

For credit card payments we apply a surcharge of 2%. For debit cards and cheques there is no surcharge.

Personal Belongings
You are strongly advised to check that you have all your belongings with you when you leave your hotel for the journey home. Finding lost items and returning them to their owner is, at best, both difficult and expensive and, at worst, impossible.
During your holiday we srongly advise that valuables are not left in the hotel room.

Annual Loyalty Discount
We recognise customer loyalty with a discount of £5 per person per holiday booked for anyone who books FOUR or MORE holidays in any calendar year (1 January to 31 December).
This applies to ALL TYPES of holiday which can be booked at any time from the day when each brochure is first issued.
Even special offers are included in the holidays which count, but you must point out to us that you have booked your fourth holiday as we would not spot this otherwise.
The discounts are applied from then, some of which may, of course, be retrospective.